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一、Vocabulary and Structure(10 points,1 point for each item)从下列各句四

1.    Experts have found that normal sleep can be divided into five______stages.
A.   moderate
B.   initial
C.   distinct
D.   advanced
2.    The student_____described the beautiful mountains and rivers in his home town.
A.   artificially
B.   vividly
C.   critically
D.   viciously
3.    What her grandfather said left a_____impression on her mind.She still remembers
A.   final
B.   vague
C.   deep
D.   main
4.    By the end of next year the bridge _____.
A.   is to complete
B.   has been completed
C.   will be completing
D.   will have been completed
5.    We have greatly _____the procedure according to the chairmans suggestion.
A.   stimulated
B.   perceived
C.   obscured
D.   simplified

6.    We should_____this in mind:Dont judge a person by his appearance.
A.   bear
B.   put
C.   place
D.   print
7.    Even after decades of _____,the two brothers recognized each other
A.   separation
B.   cooperation
C.   correspondence
D.   communication
8.    The spokesman occasionally_____his speech with gestures.
A.   acknowledges
B.   accompanies
C.   attributes
D.   anticipates
9.    In order to follow fashions,the girl has to_____great discomforts.
A.   catch up with
B.   put up with
C.   keep up with
D.   fall in with
10.    There is something wrong with my mobile phone.I must have it_____.
A.   repair
B.   to repair
C.   repairing
D.   repaired
二、Cloze Test(10 points,1 point for each item)下列短文中有十个空白,每个

1.    If you asked people what the most important invention has been,many would say
the printing press.Others 1 say the wheel.But even though it’s 2 whether the
appearance of the printing press affected the course of history more than the
wheel,the printing press 3 within the top two or three inventions in history.

 4 the telephone,the television,the radio,and the computer,the written word was
the only way to  5 ideas to people too far away to talk with.Until the 6th or 7th
century,all books had to be written  6.Creating a book was difficult,and very few
existed.Therefore,very few people read books.
In the 6th and 7th centuries,the Chinese invented a way to print pages by 7
characters and pictures on wooden,ivory,or clay blocks.They would print a page
from the block by putting  8 on the block and pressing paper onto the ink.This  9 is
called letterpress printing.The invention of letterpress printing was a great
advance in communication 10 each block could be inked many times and many copies of
each page could be made.Many books could now be made.Therefore,many people could
read the same book.
(A).     might
(B).     ought to
(C).     had to
(D).     should
(A).     variable
(B).     agreeable
(C).     reliable
(D).     debatable
(A).     lists
(B).     ranges
(C).     ranks
(D).     covers
(A).     Now that
(B).     No longer
(C).     Long before
(D).     Since then
(A).     invent
(B).     communicate
(C).     generalize
(D).     motivate
(A).     by hand
(B).     at heart
(C).     on foot
(D).     in mind
(A).     drawing
(B).     painting
(C).     writing
(D).     carving
(A).     chalk
(B).     oil
(C).     ink
(D).     crystal
(A).     definition
(B).     action
(C).     movement
(D).     process
(A).     when
(B).     because
(C).     although
(D).     if

三、Reading Comprehension(30 points,2 points for each item)从下列每篇短文

1.    The American population was the tallest in the world from about the American
Revolution to World WarⅡ—that’s a long time.The U.S.had a very resourcerich
environment,with game,fish and wildlife.In fact we have data on disadvantaged
people in America,such as slaves.They were obviously among the most mistreated
populations in the world,but given the resource abundance,and given the fact that
the slave owners needed their work,they had to be fed relatively decently.So the
slaves were taller than European peasants.It’s no wonder that Europeans were just
flooding to America.
Americans today are no longer the tallest people in the world.After World
WarⅡ,many Western and Northern European countries began to adopt favorable social
policies.There is universal health insurance in most of these societies—that,of
course,makes a difference in health care.You can also consider income inequality in
the U.S., since people who are at the low end of the totem pole(图腾柱)have
considerable adversity making ends meet.I suspect the difference in  height between
Americans and Europeans is due to both diet and health care.
Americans today suffer from an additional problem:obesity.If children are too well
nourished,then they’re not able to grow optimally.There are certain hormones that
control the start of the adolescent growth and the start of adolescence.Nutrition
is one of the factors,along with genetic and hormonal ones which are associated
with the start of puberty(青春期).And if puberty comes too early,then the youth
will peak out sooner,and will not become as tall in adulthood as someone who had
better nutrition.Also,the overload of carbohydrates and fats in a fastfood diet may
hinder the consumption of micronutrients essential to growth.
(1).      The word "game" in(line 2,para.1)refers to.
(A).     animals hunted for food
(B).     rich natural resources
(C).     activities played by kids
(D).     sports events to be held
(2).      Slaves in America were taller than European peasants because.
(A).     they were badly treated
(B).     they did not do farm work
(C).     they had sufficient food to eat
(D).     they enjoyed better health care
(3).      It is implied in the second paragraph that.
(A).     Europeans could make more money than Americans
(B).     average Americans used to be shorter than Europeans
(C).     welfare helps Europeans grow taller than Americans
(D).     people on the totem pole are leading a comfortable life
(4).      According to the third paragraph,overweight children in the U.S..
(A).     tend to have better nutrition for growth
(B).     tend to eat more food to grow taller
(C).     will grow taller than average children
(D).     will fail to grow into an ideal height
(5).      Eating too much fast food may affect.
(A).     the absorption of micronutrients
(B).     the intake of carbohydrates
(C).     the consumption of hormones
(D).     the digestion of fats
2.    Yoshio and Hiromi Tanaka are a young Japanese couple living in the USA while
Yoshio studies electrical engineering.They clearly love each other very
deeply,but,says Yoshio,“We didn’t marry for love in the Western sense.We got
married in the timehonoured Japanese way.Our parents arranged our marriage through
a matchmaker.In Japan we believe that marriage is something that affects the whole
family,not just the young couple concerned.So we think it is very  important to
match people according to their social background,education and so  on.Matchmakers
are usually middleaged women who keep lists of suitable  young people with
information about their families,education and interests.When  our parents thought
it was time for us to get married they went to a local  matchmaker and asked her for
some suggestions.We discussed the details and  looked at the photos she sent,and
then our parents asked her to arrange a ‘marriage interview’ for the two of us.”
A Japanese marriage interview is held in a public place,such as a hotel or
restaurant,and is attended by the boy and the girl,their parents and the
matchmaker.Information about the couple and their families is exchanged over a cup
of tea and a meal.Then the boy and the girl are left alone for a short time to know
each other.When they return home they have to tell the matchmaker whether they want
to meet again or not.If both of them want a second meeting, the matchmaker
arranges it,and after that they can decide whether to carry on the courtship
themselves.Here Hiromi said with a gentle smile,“Not so long ago,the girl could
never refuse to go out again with a boy who liked her,but now she can. I thought
Yoshio was really nice,so I didn’t refuse.”
Yoshio continued:“When our parents realized we were serious about each other, they
started to make arrangements for our wedding.My family paid the ‘Yuino’money to

Hiromi’s.This money is to help pay for the wedding ceremony and for setting up
house afterwards.We also gave her family a beautiful ornament to put in the best
room of their house,so everyone knew that Hiromi was going to marry. Six months
after our first meeting we were married.A traditional Japanese wedding is a
wonderful ceremony,and our traditional custom of arranged marriage has given me a
wonderful wife.”
(1).      The Japanese think marriage is important because.
(A).     it is expensive to hire a matchmaker
(B).     it is timeconsuming to match people
(C).     it concerns the couple and their families as well
(D).     it is hard to get the approval of the couples parents
(2).      After a marriage interview,the second meeting will be decided by.
(A).     the boys parents
(B).     the matchmaker
(C).     the young couple
(D).     the girls parents
(3).      It is implied in the second paragraph that.
(A).     a good hotel can bring about a good marriage
(B).     men used to be dominant in choosing a partner
(C).     women played a leading role in choosing a partner
(D).     a marriage interview settles all marriage arrangements
(4).      Yoshio thinks that the traditional Japanese marriage is.
(A).     costly
(B).     satisfying
(C).     complex
(D).     outdated
(5).      This passage is mainly about.
(A).     the process of an arranged Japanese marriage
(B).     a wedding ceremony in a Japanese fashion
(C).     conventional marriage and modern marriage
(D).     the role of matchmakers in arranging marriages

3.    College-bound American high school students usually have some combination of
parents,teachers,guidance counselors,or peers to support them in the tough
process of applying to and beginning college.Unfortunately,adults who want to go to
college—particularly adults who have been out of school for a long time—generally
have no such support system.“Adults have a much harder time starting out in college
because,unlike regular students,they have adult obligations—raising children and
working full time—that often conflict with the demands of school,”says Deepa
Rao,a World Education expert.“Also,adults who have been out of school for a long
time may not be academically prepared for collegelevel work.Some have little
exposure to technologies like email and Internet research,which are an increasing
part of college communication and courses.They may be unaware of available
resources,such as financial aid,tutoring centers or mentoring programs,and may be
unfamiliar with terms such as ‘bursar’and‘prerequisite.’And if you don’t know
where to begin or what to do  once you do get there,it’s easy to get overwhelmed
and simply give up.”
The challenges that working adults face when going to college inspired Deepa to
develop a web page and website as part of World Education’s National College
Transition Network(NCTN),an online forum for technical assistance,news,and helpful
resources for educators,policy makers,and others interested in adult learning.The
new website is a counterpart(对应物)to the NCTN,set up to guide adults who are
considering college through the process of applying to and succeeding in school.
The website is arranged like a college campus,with‘buildings’representing the
sort of departments and classrooms housed on a college campus.Each building
contains‘classes’that describe the admissions process,where to look for grants
and scholarships,and lists resources,where an outofpractice student can review
reading,writing,and math.There are also lists of advice and resources to help
students with their college life.Another helpful aspect of this
interactive,multimedia site is its audio capacity:all texts can be read to the
visitor.This particular feature is especially helpful for people with visual
problems or learning disabilities.
The cycle of learning runs from cradle to grave,and World Education works to break
down barriers to education for people of all ages,all over the world.
(1).      According to the passage,working adults find it difficult to start their
college education because.
(A).     they are too busy and academically unprepared
(B).     they have been out of school for quite a long time
(C).     tutoring resources in college are unavailable to them
(D).     they do not have enough money for further education

(2).      The comparison between adult students and regular students shows that.
(A).     the latter are less prepared than the former
(B).     the latter have more problems than the former
(C).     the former have more problems than the latter
(D).     the former are no less prepared than the latter
(3).      The purpose of the website is to.
(A).     help adult students edit web pages
(B).     provide adult students with guidance
(C).     solve financial problems of adult students
(D).     enable students to repair computers by themselves
(4).      The newly created website provides programs.
(A).     for regular college students only
(B).     for students interested in websites
(C).     for students including the disabled
(D).     for educators interested in adult learning
(5).      The last paragraph shows that learning.
(A).     involves difficulties
(B).     starts at ones birthplace
(C).     requires repeated efforts
(D).     is a lifelong process
四、Word Spelling(20 points,1 point for two items)将下列汉语单词译成英语。每

1.    多种多样的a.d_ _ _ _ _ _
2.    同样地ad.l_ _ _ _ _ _ _
3.    手册,指南n.m_ _ _ _ _
4.    消费者n.c_ _ _ _ _ _ _

5.    商标n.t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
6.    偏见n.b_ _ _
7.    城市的a.u_ _ _ _
8.    观众n.a_ _ _ _ _ _ _
9.    材料n.m_ _ _ _ _ _ _
10.    词典n.d_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
11.    值得v.d_ _ _ _ _ _
12.    科学的a.s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
13.    缺陷,毛病n.d_ _ _ _ _
14.    延长,拉长v.p_ _ _ _ _ _
15.    图书馆馆员n.l_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
16.    药片n.t_ _ _ _ _
17.    命令,指挥v.c_ _ _ _ _ _
18.    明智的a.s_ _ _ _ _ _ _
19.    原则n.p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
20.    次等的,劣等的a.i_ _ _ _ _ _ _

五、Word Form(10 points,1 point each)将括号中的各词变为适当的形式填入空白。

1.    She was taken to hospital because she was suffering from a(n)___(regular)
2.    In all ___(serious),if Mike does resign,a lot of others will start leaving too.
3.    The father has adopted a fairly___(tolerate)attitude toward his son’s
4.     Soon after that,labor markets became very tight and money wages rose___(rapid).
5.    It was___(honest)of him to suggest that he actually had a degree from
Harvard—he was just there for one year.
6.    A good___(write) of fiction always manages to have sympathy for all his
7.    Mike didn’t like to be singled out for special___(treat)at school because of
his athletic talent.
8.    Doctors soon realized that this drug was also___(effect) in relieving the
symptoms of diabetes.
9.    She found she was sweating profusely and her breathing had___(quick).
10.    The publishing business is no___(differ)from any other business in this

六、Translation from Chinese into English(15 points,3 points each)将下列各句

1.    我觉得黑洞理论很难理解。
答案:I find/found it difficult to understand the black hole theory.
2.    为了按时完成实验,这位科学家从未在午夜前就寝。
答案:To complete the experiment on time,the scientist never went to bed before
3.    那位年轻人的研究几乎没有成功的可能。
答案:There will be little possibility of success in the young man’s research./It
is almost impossible for the young man to succeed in his research.
4.    就连警方也不清楚那场交通事故的原因。
答案:Even the police did not know what had caused the traffic accident.
5.    我倒是希望他明年再买这房子。
答案:I would rather he bought the house next year.

七、Translation from English into Chinese(15 points)将下列短文译成汉语并将答

1.    In the old days,the lines between work and leisure time were markedly
clearer. People left their offices at a predictable time,were often completely
disconnected from their jobs as they traveled to and from work,and were offduty
once they were home.That’s no longer true.In today’s highly competitive job
market, employers demand increased productivity,expecting employees to put in longer
hours and to keep in touch almost constantly via fax,cell phones,email,or other
communications devices.As a result,employees feel the need to check what’s going
on at the office,even on days off.They feel pressured to work after office hours
just to catch up on everything they have to do.They work harder and longer, change
their work tasks more frequently,and they worry more about job security.