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  I.词汇和结构选择填空题(Vocabulary and Structure ) 10%


  1.It makes good_____ to bring an umbrella; it seems to be raining today.









  B 原因 C 建议 D 劝告

  2.If you are too____ of your children,they will never learn to deal with difficulties in life.








  「详细解答」A 个别的、各自的 B侦探(的) C 保护的、防护的 D 有效的

  3.His intelligence will_____ him to get a scholarship to college.








  「详细解答」A 使能够、使可能 B 说服、劝说 C 建议、提议 D 雇佣

  4.The professor asked a question,and David_____ a good answer.

  A.put up with

  B.stood up for

  C.came up with

  D.looked down upon




  「详细解答」A 忍受、忍耐 B保卫、支持 C 想出、提出 D 轻视、看不起

  5.No sooner had we reached home_____ a violent storm broke out.








  「详细解答」no sooner … than “一 …就 … ”

  6.People differ_____ one another_____ their ability to handle stress.








  「详细解答」differ from … in … “在 … 方面不同”


7.They should try to______ their usual inhibitions and join in the fun.

  A.send off

  B.lay aside

  C.take to

  D.turn off




  「详细解答」A 送出 B 放弃、搁置 C 喜欢上 D 关上

  8.During the past two decades,research has_____ our knowledge of daydreaming.








  「详细解答」A 扩大 B 浮现、露出 C 下降 D 征服

  9.The students are required to______ the main ideas of the article in their own words.








  「详细解答」A 象征 B 最小 C 同步 D 概括


10.The outline of rooftops and chimneys_____ against the pale sky.

  A.pulled out

  B.looked out

  C.held out

  D.stood out




  「详细解答」A 离开 B 注意、留神 C 提供 D 显眼、突出

  II.完型填空题(Cloze Test)10%


  Curiosity is not only a possible motivation,it is also a great help in your learning languages.Remember that a language is not 11 a grammatical system.It is the 12 of a certain culture of different cultures.It is no good 13 strings of words and lists of grammatical rules 14 you know as much as possible about the background of the language,so that you can understand the ideas conveyed and the references made,as well as the inferences which can 15 the information clearly given.So learn as much as you can about the different cultures which 16 English——watch television programs,listen to the radio,try to obtain 17 and magazines written by native speakers,look at advertisements,and,above all,read- not textbooks,18 novels,poems and plays.They will show you how a language is 19 used.The English language is a living form of expression which derives much of its 20 from the context,and much of its effect from a whole network of extra-linguistic knowledge.

  11.A.just B.even C.so D.that

  12.A.outlook B.outcome C.outset D.outline

  13.A.have learnt B.learn C.learning D.learnt

  14.A.since B.until C.when D.unless

  15.A.be carried over B be freed from C.be held up D.be drawn from

  16.A.influence B.abandon C.restore D.furnish

  17.A.film B.television C.radio D.newspapers

  18.A.but B.or C.and D.as

  19.A.occasionally B.really C.casually D.scarcely

  20.A.structure B.implication C.meaning D.indication

  「参考答案」11、A 12、B 13、C 14、D 15、D 16、A 17、D 18、A 19、B 20、C

  V.词形变化填空题 (word Form) 10%


  56.I would play football with you if I_____ (be) 20 years younger.




  57.Just as she was about ________ (speak),she was handed a note.

  「答案」to speak


  「试题分析」本题考查时态。be about to 表示将要做的动作。

  58.I don''''t want to make a show of ________(Ⅰ) before strangers.




  59.______(Necessary) is the mother of invention. This is remarkably true.




  60.The mayor gave a _______ (convince) speech to call up the citizens against pollution.




  61.He was hurt by a flower vase _______ (drop) from the balcony(阳台)。




  62.Neither the prices nor the quality________ (specify) in the last contract.

  「答案」was specified



  在neither… nor … 句子的谓语动词与靠近的主语一致(就近原则)。


63.The beauty of the place is beyond________ .(describe)



  短语beyond description的意思就是:无法形容


  64.It is the first time I ________ (talk) with native speakers in English.

  「答案」have talked



  65.The family spent a ________ (delight) holiday in the country last month……




  Ⅵ.汉译英 (Translation from Chinese into English) 15%




  Last weekend at the concert, the singer''''s performance was accompanied by her student on the piano.

  Last weekend at the concert, the singer was accompanied by her student on the piano.



  Those young people used all of their energy to reach their goal.

  Those young people put forth all their effort to reach their aim.



  The whole family agreed to go to Australia to celebrate the New Year.



  Until recently, I hadn''''t (yet) realized the strong connection between language and culture.

  It was not until recently that I realized the close connection between language and culture.



  From its inception until now, science and technology have never developed so quickly/fast.

  From the beginning of science and technology, there has never been such rapid development.

  In the entire history of science & technology, there has never been such rapid development.

  VI. 英译汉 (Translation from English Into Chinese ) 15%


  Books are to mankind what memory is to the individual. They contain the history of our race, the discoveries we have made, the accumulated knowledge and experience of ages.They picture for us the marvels and beauties of nature, help us out of difficulty, comfort us in sorrow, change hours of tiredness into moments of delight, fill our minds with good ideas and happy thoughts, and lift us out of and above ourselves. And also, books can help transport us to mountains or the seashore, and visit the most beautiful parts of the earth, without fatigue, inconvenience, or expense. In a sense they give us an even more vivid idea than the actual reality. So, precious and priceless are the blessings which the books scatter around our daily paths.We walk, in imagination, with noblest spirits, through the most fascinating regions.